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Spousal Support Agreement ModificationIf you have a spousal support agreement that needs to be modified for any reason and live in Minnesota, Johnson Mediation can help you.  Legal processes, such as divorce, can convey to individuals that legal documents are difficult to change.  Those involved in the creation of legal documents should do everything possible to ensure that they are accurate and lasting, but there are occasions when individual circumstances change, leading to the need for documents to be modified.

Spousal Support Agreement Modification Near Me

As this relates to spousal support agreements, it is possible to make modifications when necessary. However, because you are modifying a legal document, it is wise to partner with a local professional for these changes. Johnson Mediation has experience helping former couples in Minnesota come to a new agreement about spousal support and then modify an existing agreement. The court sets the bar high, but it also recognizes that there are circumstances that require legitimate requests for modifications.  Some of the most common circumstances are:

  • Errors in the original filing. There are countless hypothetical errors that can prompt a spousal support modification. An error that would have a negative impact on one or both parties involved would likely satisfy the court’s requirement for modification.
  • The circumstances of the divorced partner change dramatically. A familiar example would be that your former spouse’s salary increases dramatically, which could mean that you are eligible to request an increase of your spousal support amount.  It could work in the opposite way too: If the spouse who pays the spousal support suffers a decrease in income, that person may request a lower spousal support payment modification.
  • The spousal support agreement is satisfied on a timeline different than that which was identified at the time of the agreement. For example, if the spousal support agreement indicated that the agreement would end when the recipient earned their graduate degree, and the degree is earned more quickly than expected, the agreement could be modified.
  • If there has been any kind of misconduct, such as fraud, falsifying income, or misrepresentation of facts pertaining to the agreement, it is possible to modify the original agreement.
  • Significant changes in relationships, health, and other matters. An example would be that your former spouse, who has legitimately relied on your spousal support, decides to remarry and no longer has the same degree of need for the support you have provided, that major change is likely good cause for modifying the original agreement.

Post Divorce Mediation Services

Johnson Mediation understands the depth and complexity of the processes involved, and we are motivated to help you get through all aspects of the divorce process as well as issues that come up after a divorce is final.  Give us a call at (952) 401-7599 for more information.