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Spousal Maintenance in MinnesotaAs part of many divorce settlements, there may be an agreement related to spousal maintenance.  Spousal maintenance, which is also known as ‘spousal support’ and the more familiar term ‘alimony,’ is the financial support paid by one former spouse to the other after the end of their marriage.  It is usually paid monthly, though this can differ depending on the specific agreement. This is assigned for a specific period of time, for a specific number of months or years or for the remainder of the individuals’ lives.  It can also be altered by changes in one or both former spouses’ life circumstances, including new jobs, the loss of a job, or the onset of a catastrophic illness, or other circumstances not foreseen.  It should also be noted that spousal maintenance and child maintenance are two separate processes.

Using Mediation to Determine Spousal Maintenance, MN

Spousal maintenance is one of the most important and complex aspects of a divorce settlement. It is therefore very important to have your spousal maintenance agreement overseen by a competent, committed, and experienced professional.  Johnson Mediation has both the experience and expertise in spousal maintenance agreements to ensure that your interests are represented with attention to detail and with your desired outcomes in mind.

Spousal maintenance is complicated in large part because there is not one specific formula for determining the specific details of the agreement.  A great many factors are considered when calculating the amount of money paid by one former spouse to the other including the length of the marriage, financial resources of both properties, standard of living, age, and the length of time it would take for one spouse to get education or a job.  Johnson Mediation is committed to understanding your specific circumstances and is therefore capable of advocating on your behalf carefully and with great success.

Establishing a Fair and Equitable Plan for Spousal Maintenance

Though it may seem common for spousal maintenance agreements to foster additional conflict between you and your ex, the exact opposite can actually be true.  Johnson Mediation can navigate spousal agreement discussions and highlight the areas of overlap between the divorced couple so that conflict is minimized and solutions are maximized.  Mediation is based in fairness, and our team at Johnson Mediation makes arriving at equitable agreements a central part of our work.

Your post-divorce circumstances are unique; Johnson Mediation understands that.  Our team works hard to not only accept the uniqueness of your circumstances but to understand it in great depth.  Our depth of understanding and commitment to fairness are arguable the two most important factors in creating spousal maintenance agreements that are supported by both parties.  You can schedule a free one-hour consultation with our team at Johnson Mediation by calling (952) 401-7599.