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Should We try Mediation Before Litigation to Settle Our DivorceOne of the most common questions we get when we talk to prospective clients is whether they should consider mediation or go through the court system to settle the terms of their divorce. When people think about a traditional divorce, divorce lawyers, a courtroom and a judge generally come to mind. That is a very dated vision of how divorce really works these days. In fact, you should know that the Minnesota courts actually encourage couples to try mediation before proceeding through the courts. This may surprise you, but it is truly beneficial for all involved. Johnson Mediation can help you navigate the divorce process from start to finish without having to go through the stress of a court battle.

Minnesota Courts Encourage Divorce Mediation Before Litigation

You may wonder why the courts now encourage couples to try mediation first before going through the courts. There are several important reasons for this. First, the court schedules are backed up, meaning that it can take weeks, or months to get a date for a divorce hearing. The court calendar also has to align with attorney calendars, and this can be a challenge. In addition, most divorces, even those that are filled with conflict, can be successfully mediated. An experienced and trained mediator can skillfully lead a discussion about unresolved issues and decrease the level of conflict, rather than increase it.

Divorce lawyers work based on a win/lose outcome. It is not necessarily in their best interest to find common ground and compromise. The longer the case takes to settle, the more they are paid. A mediator is motivated to help you resolve the issues you face rather than fight about them and give the power to a judge to decide. With mediation, you and your ex are empowered to make decisions that put the best interests of your family first. You know best what these solutions are and a mediator can help you find them.

Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

Mediation is also less expensive and takes less time than a court battle. Mediation is highly confidential and not as emotionally draining as a court trial. It also lays a positive foundation for future interactions as divorce is often a new phase of your relationship, especially if you share children. When you run into conflict after your divorce that cannot easily be resolved, you can also use mediation to help you find a solution. For more information about the benefits of divorce mediation and the ways that it can help you, call Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599.