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Should I Choose Mediation or Litigation? | Common Divorce Questions MNThe Minnesota court system is now encouraging couples to try to settle their divorce using divorce mediation rather than the traditional litigation process. This is a surprise to many who begin the divorce process and assume that the only real option for resolution is through the courts. You may be wondering exactly why the court system is encouraging mediation? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Mediation allows you to control the outcome: Rather than leaving important decisions about your divorce to a judge, mediation gives you the power to come to these decisions yourself. You and your spouse know what is best for your family and mediation can allow you to find a way to compromise and resolve issues such as division of property, child custody and parenting time and even child support and spousal maintenance.
  • The court system schedule is backed up: Getting on the court’s schedule is difficult and can push and even stall the divorce process. Mediation can be scheduled virtually or in person and often much sooner than a court date. This benefits the entire family, allowing them to move forward with their life more quickly.
  • Avoiding litigation is more economical: Mediation is dramatically less expensive than a court battle. You are not forced to pay high legal fees and reduce the financial stress on your family as you navigate the process.
  • Frees up the court system for more complex divorce cases: There are some divorce cases that are too complex or volatile for mediation. It is important to be able to get these cases through the system as quickly as possible. Mediation can handle cases with high conflict as well and you can always move to litigation if mediation is not effective for you.
  • Flexibility: Mediation is extremely flexible, you are able to schedule mediation sessions at times that are convenient for you, and you can choose between in person sessions or virtual, depending on your specific preferences. Litigation cannot offer this flexibility.

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If you are moving forward toward a divorce, we recommend that you reach out first to a mediation firm to see if mediation might be a good option for you. Johnson Mediation can guide you through the divorce process and help you move forward with your life in a healthier way. For more information about our mediation services in Minnesota, call us today at 952-401-7599.