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Reduce Stress During Divorce The stress of a marriage that is headed toward divorce can be overwhelming, constant, and unrelenting. This stress can also feel permanent. Johnson Mediation wants you to know that we can help reduce the overall stress felt by both you and your spouse. One thing we can state with utmost confidence is that the stress of divorce does not need to be permanent, though it can certainly feel that way. If your marriage has been failing for some time, and if you have been led to believe that the only way to end it is to engage in a very long process that involves lawyers and the courts, it is understandable that you would conclude that the stress you are feeling is a permanent fixture in your life.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation Over Litigation

One positive step in the right direction toward understanding divorce-related stress differently is choosing to work with a divorce mediation service like ours. Divorce mediation is a proven and effective alternative to the more familiar and traditional court-system divorces that we have learned about through the movies and TV. Divorce mediation is different in that it is intended to be a cooperative process that identifies and builds upon the common ground that divorcing couples have. It may be difficult to see that you and your divorcing partner have any common ground, but our experience and expertise can help you see it and use it to benefit your entire family. Divorcing couples who have children, for example, almost always recognize that the spouse they are divorcing loves their children. That one area of common ground may not be enough to save the marriage, but it is often enough to help the divorcing couple see the benefit of ending their marriage peacefully is possible.

Divorce mediation is different from court-based divorce proceedings in many fundamental ways. One that stands out is that it tends to be far less expensive to the divorcing couple. Court-based divorces usually involve lawyers who charge large amounts to represent each person. The expense tends to create greater pressure to win the battle, which adds to the feelings of contention between the people who are divorcing. But divorce mediation prioritizes finding solutions to disagreements, and we can even help couples who have financially complex marital relationships. There are virtually no cases of divorce that cannot be handled by divorce mediation.

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