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Protecting My Kids From Conflict During DivorceEvery marriage is different, and no two divorces are the same, but one thing that nearly all divorces have in common is conflict. If you share children, then you are probably already concerned with ways to protect them from the conflict between you and your spouse. The staff at Johnson Mediation offers a wide variety of resources that can help you with this important part of the process. Below are strategies to help you protect your children from the conflict and tension between you and your ex.

1. Cooperate: It may not be easy, but demonstrating to your children that you are able to resolve problems with your ex in a fair and productive way can be an extremely helpful and healthy way to navigate the divorce process in front of your kids. Instead of engaging in a long and difficult court battle, deciding to pursue a mediated divorce can protect your kids from a contentious divorce process.
2. Watch your communication: It is very tempting to speak negatively about or to your ex in front of your children. It can be hard to hide your emotions during such a difficult time. Developing ways to manage your communication with your ex is extremely important and can go a long way toward shielding your children. Johnson Mediation offers divorce coaching as well as communication coaching if you need help developing communication strategies during and after the divorce.
3. Develop a parenting plan: Sharing custody can create additional tension between you and your ex and your kids will feel that. Spend time during the divorce process developing a parenting plan that you can follow for custody, transitions, holidays, vacations and other aspects of your schedule. Our staff has experience helping families create a parenting plan that has the best interest of the kids in mind while being workable for the family. We offer parenting time expeditor services, and parenting consulting services to help with this process.

Reducing Conflict During Divorce With Mediation Services In MN

Your children will have to adjust to their new life after your divorce, and it may be difficult. But, protecting them from the conflict between their parents will help them adjust and move forward in a healthy way. For more information about Johnson Mediation’s parenting support services, give us a call at 952-401-7599 or email We will be happy to schedule a free consultation to talk to you about your situation.