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Post Divorce Support ServicesEven when we know that it is in our best interest to end our marriage, and maybe even especially when our marriage ends on good terms with our spouse, life after divorce can be much more difficult than we expect. Johnson Mediation understands the complex emotions and practical matters that occur in so many people following their divorce, and as a result, we offer our expertise in the form of post-divorce support.

Whether a marriage is healthy or unhealthy, stable or unstable, meant to last or on its last legs, what all marriages have in common are patterns of behavior that spouses become accustomed to. Even in the healthiest and happiest of marriages, some patterns are bound to get on the spouse’s nerves. Leaving the toilet seat up, forgetting to close doors or turn off lights, chewing with your mouth open…these are the kinds of things that are unique to each couple. In and of themselves, they are probably not enough to determine the fate of a marriage, but if there are other unhealthy patterns that are more essential to the relationship, those small things can be magnified. In other words, the patterns become more obvious and contribute more significantly to the difficulty in the relationship.

Moving Forward In A Healthy Way After Divorce

Even though divorced people are no longer in the presence of those patterns after their divorce, the absence of those familiar patterns can contribute to the difficulty of moving on from the relationship. When a couple is generally on good terms but reaches the conclusion that living apart and ending their marriage, missing those familiar patterns can be more severe.

Johnson Mediation wants you to know that, regardless of how your post-divorce difficulty manifests, you are probably very likely responding in a way that is normal. But simply responding in a way that fits social and psychological norms does not mean that it becomes easier. Sometimes, what is needed is support from a qualified professional. Johnson Mediation possesses expertise in the legalities of divorce, of course, but our mediation acumen is based in care, concern, empathy, and insight into how to heal from difficult experiences.

Professional Divorce Support

Divorce, even in the best of circumstances, is never easy. But it is often necessary. Much time and effort is spent on ending the marriage in the most effective way possible, but it is easy to lose sight of what comes next. Johnson Mediation can help you in the days, weeks, and months following your divorce. Call us at (952) 401-7599 for more information.