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Post divorce mediatorDivorce can be hard. We at Johnson Mediation lend our experience, expertise, and empathy to help you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. We also understand that the support many people need does not stop being needed just because the divorce has been finalized. If you are divorced and are not one of the lucky few who gets along well with your former spouse, we can help you. We recognize that, while the signed and notarized divorce papers mark the end of a marriage, they do not necessarily end the complex relationship you have with your former spouse.

Grief and Divorce Recovery Support

Our team can help you and your divorced spouse settle any issues that come up after your divorce is final and can also provide you with grief and divorce recovery support that many individuals need after navigating the process. We can help you set up new routines, define the new priorities in your life and help you look forward, not back. Our team can also help mediate any issues that can come up with regard to child custody agreements, schedules and child/spousal support payments. Seeking us out for post-divorce support may give you the kind of clarity you need and helpful strategies for moving forward.

Johnson Mediation has the legal experience to provide clarity, with the balance of professional expertise and the ability to empathize with your situation. Divorce is among the most stressful experiences we can go through in life. If your relationship was characterized by a drastic change of feeling for each other, the chances are greater that your former spouse is in a position to continue hurting your feelings or, at the very least, causing you stress. Whatever it is that leads you to conclude that you are in need of support, we are here to provide it.

Move Forward After Divorce, Not Back

Johnson Mediation can help you with strategies to separate yourself emotionally and psychologically from your former spouse. Connections to our spouses run deep, even after the divorce is final. In fact, because we might have been led to believe that those feelings would go away after the finalizing of the divorce, the presence of continued difficulty can feel even worse.

The conflicts that exist between you and your former spouse may be even more difficult to resolve on your own if you have children together. Johnson Mediation can help you process your feelings and set your sights on what is best for you and your children. If the complications with your former spouse are affecting your relationship with your children, we can help you regain some much needed perspective so that the impact on your children is minimal.

A marriage may end with a divorce, but relationships almost never do. Let our team provide you with the post-divorce support you need. If you need post-divorce support, call Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599 to schedule a free consultation.