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Divorce Help for PartnersWhat is couple mediation? The parties negotiate directly with one another under the direct supervision and guidance of a mediator. The mediator creates an environment where the parties can sit together to discuss settlement options. The mediator establishes ground rules for effective communication so that an argument turns into a problem-solving discussion. Even though emotions may run high, the mediator keeps the parties focused and moving forward to resolution of the issues.

Partner Divorce Mediator

When you are looking for a separation Mediator in Chanhassen or Shakopee, Johnson Mediation is here to help provide you with the most professional service in the South Metro Region.

At Johnson Mediation we are here to support our customers through some of the most difficult times in their lives. As divorce or partner separation can be extremely difficult, we are here to provide you with our specialized services. As many people offer similar services, we stand apart from others because we provide you with the most efficient level of service that promises we address all the necessary details. If you have children we will make sure that we create a child-focused plan, if you own a business together we will help you work through a solution. We are greatly skilled at helping individuals deal with complex emotions and complicated financial situations to bring both partners to a place where they both feel satisfied.

Separating Non-married Couples

As not all couples are married, mediation is can also be used for unmarried couples who are working through a separation of their relationship and acquired property, without litigation. When you work with Johnson Mediation we help couples through discussions and manage the process to make certain that couples have full discussions and create resolutions for each issue. Mediation encourages participants to see themselves and each other as capable parents with a continuing responsibility to plan together for the future of their children!

At Johnson Mediation we work with a partner separation for divorcing couples, domestic partnership splitting and for parents who never married. We understand that you do not have to be legally married to have children, businesses and have a long-standing and complicated and complex relationship together.

When you are looking for guidance through a partner separation, here at Johnson mediation we are here to provide assistance through these hard times. Give us a call today and we are here to provide you with the support you need.