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Johnson Mediation: Minnesota Divorce MediatorWhen you are going through a divorce, oftentimes child custody is the hardest thing to sort out. Parenting alone is already tricky and has its own unique challenges, and it is multitudes more challenging trying to co parent when you live in separate places and have your own unique schedule. When parents are contesting the custody of their children they are required to attend parenting classes.

Parents Forever courses and resources are available for parents and other caregivers of children who are experiencing divorce, separation and issues of paternity, parenting time or child support.
These courses are found both online and in-person. Both versions of the course meet all 25 minimum standards required by Minnesota Statute 518.157 for Minnesota court-ordered education. The majority of people that take Parents Forever courses do so because they are court ordered to, but some people do because it better helps parents and their children through a family transition.

Parents who attend a Parents Forever course learn valuable skills and tools that will help to reduce the effects of the family transition on themselves and their children.

A family transition like divorce or separation is a process that can be very difficult on both parents and children. Parents are responsible for helping their children through this difficult time by allowing the transition to be smooth and allowing the children to adjust to the change. Oftentimes during separation families have to not only journey through an emotional time but also have to navigate legal issues, social networks and also finanes. These classes help parents understand and embrace that they need to take care of themselves first in order to effectively help their children through a family transition.

Parents and children shape each other in many ways, and oftentimes parents don’t realize how much they shape their kids life. Parents need to understand their strengths, experiences, and skills they can use to help their children. These classes help parents figure out how to establish and maintain balance between their own and their children’s needs.

After a family transition like divorce or separation, the future holds many possibilities for parents and their children. Although these times can be really tiring and hard on a family, they can also help a family grow and learn how to communicate and work together.

Parents Forever Classes are very helpful and can be a good tool. If you are looking for a class or have any questions Johnson Mediation can help point you in the right direction.