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Parenting Help During and After a DivorceEvery member of your family is impacted by a divorce. Divorce brings with it many changes that can be difficult, especially for your children. The way that you parent during this transition is one very important way that you can set your kids up to move forward in a positive and healthy way. This can be challenging, especially if you and your divorcing spouse have a relationship with high conflict. Your kids deserve the best from both of you and Johnson Mediation offers parenting support services to help you navigate this difficult experience.

Here are some basic parenting tips to protect your children’s emotional wellbeing, even if you and your ex cannot get along.

1. Do not discuss your conflicts or disagreements with your spouse with your kids. They should be protected from this conflict and be allowed to settle into their new life in two separate households.
2. Do not say negative things about the other parent. Keep in mind that your children love both of you – encourage a strong bond with both of you. Do not try to get your kids “on your side” by saying bad things about your divorcing spouse.
3. Encourage open communication with your kids. Even if it is difficult, allow your kids to ask you questions and talk to you about the situation. This will help your kids feel part of the process, and not in the dark.
4. Communicate your love. During and after a divorce, you may feel consumed by anger, but it is important to communicate your love of your children so they feel safe and secure.
5. Negotiate a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex. Even though your marriage is over, you still share parenting responsibilities with your ex and all of you will benefit if you can co-parent in a healthy and productive way.

Divorce and Parenting Mediation Services

The team at Johnson Mediation is dedicated to helping families just like yours navigate the divorce process and then move forward. The process of mediation gives you and your soon to be ex-spouse a forum for open discussion that can empower you both to find solutions that put your family first, both during and after divorce. Our team will focus on you, your family and your future by offering you tools, expertise and resources so that you can make informed decisions. For more information about the mediation process and parenting support services, call Johnson Mediation at 952-451-7599.