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family servicesThe role of a Parenting Coach is not one that is defined by a statute or by the Courts. Parenting Coaching is a concept developed in the Minnesota family dispute arena. A Parenting Coach assists with numerous types of issues involving children, including Parenting Time (often referred to as Visitation), schedules, discipline and parenting style, participation in extra-curricular activities and financial considerations.

Parenting coaching utilizes a contract-based agreement that allows a party to a divorce or custody dispute personal one-on-one assistance with parenting and /or dealing with an issue or issues in dispute. The Parenting Coach usually works with just one parent to educate them regarding how to parent or how to manage the dissolution and custody process. This is often called, “Divorce Coaching”.

When you are dealing with issues that involve the best interests of children, divorce is usually even more difficult and emotional for everyone involved. This can be particularly true for children who are caught in the middle. Sometimes the involvement with the legal system exacerbates the effects of divorce on children. The goal of a Parenting Coach is to support individuals and families going through divorce, post-divorce, post-custody-parenting time order in a manner that productively resolves issues and provides the means to move forward.