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Parent Communication Mediator MinnesotaCommunication is often cited as one of the main causes of divorce. So, it makes sense that communication problems continue for divorced couples with children well after the divorce papers are signed. Co-parenting after divorce is a new phase of a relationship but it is common for some of the same patterns from the marriage to carry forward. Johnson Mediation offers post-divorce mediation, which focuses on improving overall communication between parents after divorce. Our team can help you develop more positive and productive ways to communicate with your parenting partner, for the good of your children.

Effective Communication Strategies for Parents

The mediation process encourages you and your former spouse to find ways to solve the issues you face, rather than working against each other. Our team will help you settle your differences by finding compromise, rather than allowing the court to make the decisions for you. Here are some of the communication strategies we can help you implement:

1. Avoid hurtful language: If you share children, you are forever connected to your former spouse. While your past may be filled with conflict and difficulty, it is important to refrain from using hurtful language when you communicate. Stay away from insults and practice being civil in every communication. Do not say negative things about your former spouse in front of your children.
2. Listen: When a co-parenting issue comes up, make every attempt to listen to your former spouse’s concerns before responding.
3. Use written communication: If you find that face to face communication results in an argument, put your response in an email so that you can say exactly what you want to say – nothing more, nothing less.
4. Communicate in a business like way: Rather than focusing on your emotions and your past, try to view each communication with your former spouse as a business transaction. Communicate articulately and clearly about the issue at hand, have a brief discussion and come up with a reasonable solution.
5. Use your mediator: If you cannot resolve an issue on your own, schedule a time to talk with a mediator. Mediators are trained to help former couples find solutions and focus on your future rather than your past.

Mediation and Co-Parenting after Divorce

Mediation is a highly effective tool for helping couples co-parent after divorce. Issues about scheduling, healthcare, extracurricular activities and even issues with stepparents can be resolved by working with a mediator. If you have questions or would like more information about working with a mediator on parent communication, call Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599.