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Ongoing Resources And Support for DivorceWhen you decide to settle the terms of your divorce with the help of a mediation firm, you know that you will save time and money. However, there is an additional important benefit that you might not think about. A mediation firm can provide you with comprehensive support and resources throughout the divorce process that match your unique needs. This support can come as you decide whether or not to move forward with divorce, during the divorce proceedings or even long after your divorce is final. This is a very different type of support than can be provided by a lawyer and/or a judge when you go through litigation to settle your divorce. Here are some key ways that mediation can offer unique and helpful support:

1. Ongoing relationship with a mediation firm: When you partner with a mediation firm at any point in the divorce process, you will be able to get the support that you need for the duration of your divorce situation. Mediation can be helpful as you divide your joint property and come up with a parenting plan, and it can be equally beneficial well after your divorce is final, when you inevitably need to make changes to your parenting agreement. Building a long-term relationship with a mediation firm can help you solve problems early, rather than letting them build and get worse.
2. Reduces general stress: Mediation is built on compromise and reducing overall conflict in situations. Litigation, on the other hand, can really escalate conflict and increase overall stress. Working with a mediator can help you find a path forward that works best for all, rather than trying to navigate this in the legal system.
3. A Mediator understands the legal system: When you partner with a team like Johnson Mediation, you can be confident that your mediation firm understands the legal system and will make sure that your divorce agreement and/or amendments are filed correctly with the courts. We can answer your questions about the legal aspects of your case, and you can save money, time and stress.

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Johnson Mediation is a comprehensive mediation firm that can help your family through the entire divorce process, from the very beginning until well after your divorce is final. We will get to know you and your case so that we can best meet your needs and provide ongoing support and resources that will help you make the best decisions for your family. For more information about our services, call us at 952-401-7599.