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Divorcing non-marriedAny separation is difficult, but when there’s a child involved and you’re unmarried, it can be particularly stressful and challenging to begin separating from your partner. Especially if you and your former partner are no longer on good speaking terms, or if your only conversations end in heated debate, then you may need someone to help you work through the specifics of your separation, particularly where your child is concerned. At Johnson Mediation, we provide Chanhassen, MN mediation for non-married parents who are separating, helping separated couples reach legally equitable agreements about their parenting time and custody, visitation, child support, and division of property that aids in the rearing of the child.

Do I Need a Mediator if I’m Not Getting a Divorce?

Although you may think that mediation service are only for divorcing parents – in fact you may have only heard of mediation in terms of divorce – the mediation process is extremely beneficial for any separating couples, especially when children are involved. For non-married parents in need of help separating and creating a fair parenting agreement, mediators are the answer. We provide neutral mediation service by talking with each parent and determining what’s best for the child by considering what would likely be decided in court and what each parent must legally give or receive during that separation. This includes talking through parenting time and custody as well as visitation, coming to an agreement regarding child support that makes sense, financially, and helping to make sure the child is safely housed.

Parenting Consultants for Tough Parenting Decisions During Separation

We recognize that not every parenting decision can always be made in mediation. These are difficult decisions that are not to be taken lightly, and it’s not often easy to come to an agreement about many of the issues that arise when non-married parents separate. To ensure that decisions are being made, however, you can consider working with a parenting consultant, who will enter into a contract with you and your former partner to create legally equitable parenting decisions. These decisions are reached based on the facts of your specific case and are therefore typically the best and most legally fair solution possible, but they can be disputed in court, if need be.

Parenting Time Expeditors and Early Neutral Evaluations

Two other services we offer for parents are parenting time expediting and early neutral evaluations. Early neutral evaluations are useful in determining what the most likely legal outcome would be if your case were presented to a judge, helping you and your former partner make informed decisions based on the facts of your relationship. Parenting time expeditor can be used later on when an agreement about scheduling visitation or custody is not being honored, making sure that you and your parenting partner adhere to any agreement you come to. If you’re a non-married parent separating and in need of our help, contact Johnson Mediation Chanhassen, Minnesota mediators at (952) 401-7599 or today.