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Navigating The Minnesota Divorce ProcessThere is nothing easy about divorce. In fact, the actual divorce process can be one of the most difficult and overwhelming parts of the entire experience. There are many reasons for this and each divorce is different, but understanding the process a bit before you begin can help reduce the overall stress and help you move forward toward a more healthy life. Here are some tips for navigating the divorce process in Minnesota:

1. Gather documentation ahead of time: When you divorce, you are forced to untangle many aspects of your lives together. The biggest challenge is usually dividing your joint property, like your home, your cars, your retirement accounts and your debt. Gathering your financial documents (mortgage statements, retirement information, etc.) can speed up the negotiation process because you will have many of the things you need at your fingertips.
2. Consider your goals: What is most important to you? This is something to consider before you embark on the divorce process because you will have the opportunity to negotiate for this. Try to put the emotion aside long enough to be able to define what is really important to you. Is that seeing your kids on a certain day or keeping an item from your home that is special to you? Write your goals down as well as what you are willing to be flexible about and that will help you as you move forward.
3. Gather support: No one should go through the divorce process alone. Find the people in your life that you trust and lean on them. Schedule time to see/talk to these people regularly for coffee, a walk, or a phone call. Let them into your life now so that they can help you down the road.
4. Consider mediation: Mediation is a highly effective tool to resolve the terms of your divorce without having to go through the court system. Litigation takes many months to complete, is more expensive and can actually increase the overall conflict between a divorcing couple. Mediation is based on the idea that you know your situation better than anyone and can be empowered to resolve the issues you face with the help of a trained mediator. Minnesota encourages all couples to try mediation before moving forward with traditional litigation.

Divorce Mediation in Minnesota

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