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Understanding The Divorce Mediation Process If you are planning for a divorce and considering mediation as a tool to resolve the terms of your settlement, you may have questions about the divorce mediation process. When we think of divorce, we often envision a couple on 2 different sides of a courtroom with attorneys pleading to a judge about custody and dividing your joint assets. In fact, mediation offers you an entirely different pathway when it comes to settling the terms of your divorce – one that costs less, is less stressful and that is less emotionally taxing. In addition, divorce mediation allows you to make the decisions for your family rather then a judge.

Understanding The Divorce Mediation Process

The mediation process begins with an introductory session where the participants and the mediator work to identify what specific issues need to be resolved. We determine what order these items should be discussed and then decide what data or information needs to be gathered in order to have these discussions. Some items that might be needed include a list of all joint assets (including property) and a list of debts. You might be asked to provide income information (pay stubs), recent tax return, bank statements, investment account summaries and any other relevant documentation of assets or debts. Sometimes your mediator will recommend that you work with an appraiser, an accountant, or other financial analyst to help sort out any financial questions that come up. While you can work with a lawyer for mediation, it is not required.

Resolve The Terms Of Your Divorce In Less Time

You should expect to resolve these issues in 3 or 4 two-hour mediation sessions over the course of just a few months. This is a much shorter timeframe than a court battle, which means that you can move forward with your life more quickly and spend less money on the divorce process. The mediation process can work for couples with significant conflict and financial entanglement. Mediation works for couples who share children and need to work out a parenting agreement and child support payments. Mediation can work for even the most complex divorces. In fact, Minnesota courts now even encourage all couples to try mediation before pursuing litigation.

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