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One of the most common questions we receive is about how long the divorce process takes. Once a couple makes the final decision to pursue divorce, the length of the divorce process can be a very frustrating aspect of the process. It is important to know that you have choices when it comes to how you settle the terms of your divorce that can reduce the time and money that you spend on the process. Divorce mediation takes far less time than traditional litigation and can be much less expensive as well. Divorce mediation also allows you to have more control over the outcome.

Does Divorce Mediation Take Less Time than Litigation?

When you begin the divorce mediation process, you can expect it to take three or four 2-hour mediation sessions to settle the terms of a divorce, including parenting time/custody, division of joint property, assets and debt and spousal maintenance and/or child support. These mediation sessions can be spread out over the course of several weeks/months depending on schedules and complexity. Clearly, each divorce is different and there are many factors that go into how long it will take. However, one thing is for certain – mediation takes far less time to complete than a lengthy court battle.

Johnson Mediation has worked with countless families to resolve the terms of a divorce and we recognize that each and every divorce is unique and there is just no way to put a specific timeline on the divorce process. We can tell you that litigation can take many months to complete, largely because of scheduling conflicts with the court as well as divorce attorneys. Litigation often magnifies the conflict already present between the two parties. In addition to moving the process more quickly, mediation also can reduce the overall conflict and stress present, allowing for a more positive and productive result.

How Long Should I Expect Divorce Mediation To Take?

Johnson Mediation understands that you may be feeling impatient when it comes to the duration of the divorce process. There is no question that mediation is your quickest and most efficient option to settle the terms of your divorce. Our team can help you navigate this process and offers both in person or virtual mediation sessions, depending on what is best for you and your family. If you would like more information about how mediation works or have questions about whether mediation might work for your situation, give us a call today at 952-401-7599 to schedule a free consultation.