Now Providing All Mediation Services Online

Minnesota Mediators Offering Virtual Mediation ServicesMediation has always been a highly effective and efficient way to resolve the terms of your divorce without the stress and expense of a court battle. In fact, in the state of Minnesota, mediation has always been a recommended way of resolving issues like division of property, child custody and child/spousal support. Even in normal times, the court system cannot accommodate all of the divorce cases in a timely manner. Over the last few years, however, with the emergence of COVID-19, it has become even more difficult to schedule court dates for divorce proceedings. As a result, mediators have adapted to the health situation and moved from in person mediation sessions to virtual (or online) mediation. Johnson Mediation has led the way in this effort to meet the needs of our clients.

Benefits Of Virtual Divorce Mediation

Virtual mediation allows you to settle the terms of your divorce from the comfort of your own home. You do not have to find a time to meet in a neutral location, get ready, drive to/from and plan for a day away from home. Virtual mediation only requires an internet connection and a computer, tablet or other device. You can log on at a certain time, keep your notes, coffee and favorite pet right next to you as you discuss the terms of your divorce settlement. You are comfortable, flexible and minimize the time you spend during the process. Just like in-person mediation, virtual mediation is dramatically less expensive than litigation, saving you thousands of dollars during the process.

Minnesota Divorce Mediation Services

One thing that is important to understand is that mediation has all of the legal backing of a court-based decision. Your mediator can help you with the divorce process from start to finish, including filing the divorce agreement with the court. You will not have to worry about knowing what steps to take. The staff at Johnson Mediation has helped many local families through the divorce process. Virtual mediation allows us to expand our reach and help even more couples navigate this sometimes stressful and emotional process. Our focus is always helping you and your family move forward toward the future that you want and deserve. We will guide you through the process, anticipating any issues along the way. We now offer all of our mediation services online and would be happy to schedule a free consultation to answer any of your questions. Give us a call at 952-401-7599 for more information.