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Minnesota Is A No-Fault Divorce StateIf you live in the state of Minnesota and are considering a divorce, you should spend some time learning about Minnesota divorce law so that you can navigate the process as easily as possible. Here are a few facts about Minnesota law that can help you as you move forward:

1. Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state: In the state of Minnesota, you do not have to establish fault when you ask for a divorce. This means that the reason that you have decided to get a divorce does not play a part in the decision to grant the divorce. The only two requirements for a divorce in Minnesota are that you both have lived in the state for more than 180 days and that you can prove that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship.
2. The court system prefers joint custody when possible: Except in rare cases of domestic violence or other extenuating circumstances, the court prefers to grant joint custody in divorce cases as this is generally in the best interest of all parties.
3. Minnesota courts require you to start with mediation to settle the terms of your divorce: The Minnesota court system is extremely busy and scheduling a divorce case to be heard in a courtroom can take many months. The court system actually requires that couples attempt an alternative dispute resolution tool like divorce mediation before going through the courts. Mediation can save you time and money and even result in a more successful agreement.
4. Joint property is divided as equally as possible: The courts also believe that all property that was secured in marriage is joint, no matter whose name is on it. So, generally you can expect that your property will be split evenly.
5. Mediation is strictly confidential: Minnesota state law states that mediation is 100% confidential and that no one can use what is said in mediation in court. This allows for open and honest dialogue during mediation which can lead to a more positive outcome.

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