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Divorce Mediation Versus LitigationThe stressful times through which we are living right now are unique in many ways. We are working our way through a once-in-a-century pandemic and a wide variety of social issues that have created challenges, struggles and difficulty. But while the times we are in now bring new and unfamiliar challenges, there are also stressful aspects of our world that remain constant. One of them is that, despite these times, people are still affected by divorce. Johnson Mediation may not be able to do much about the pandemic, but we are highly trained professionals who have helped many couples find resolution to the conflict in their marriages before and during this Pandemic.

It seems true that as long as marriage remains a core element of our society, so too will divorce. Because divorce is a part of our society, the need for available assistance and support from trained professionals will be needed. The time-honored traditional means of finalizing a divorce in the courtroom are slowly being replaced by more practical means of finalizing a divorce. More specifically, court-based divorce proceedings are being replaced by divorce mediation. This is not the result of some radical takeover of the divorce process; in fact, divorce mediation has the blessing of the courts.

Divorce Mediation Versus Litigation

For a long time now, court schedules have been clogged with all types of cases. People seeking divorce through the courts have been told by judges and other officials in increasing numbers that the most efficient means of finalizing their divorces would be through mediated divorce. As this practice has grown, courts have also recommended with increasing frequency that couples with highly complex circumstances would be better off working through divorce mediation, rather than the courts themselves. Divorce mediators are simply set up better to work closely with divorcing couples and to help them achieve the best possible results.

Beneficial Aspects of Using Divorce Mediation

Court-based divorces tend to be more adversarial. Most couples seeking divorce through the courts must also use an attorney, so court-based divorces also tend to be much more expensive. By contrast, working with a qualified divorce mediator is usually far less expensive and far more likely to encourage the divorcing couple to find resolution to the issues that led to the decision to divorce. Johnson Mediation would be happy to help you through this challenging time. Call us at (952) 401-7599 to schedule a time for a free consultation.