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Mediation Specialist in MinnesotaThe team at Johnson Mediation offers comprehensive mediation services to those in Minnesota who are navigating the divorce process. We focus on helping your family with all aspects of a divorce settlement including the three of the most complex issues:

  1. Division of Property: Dividing up your joint property (house, cars and other belongings), other assets and your debts in a fair and equitable way. We understand that your life is intertwined, so our divorce mediation support will help you and your soon to be ex-spouse make reasonable decisions that work for all involved.
  2. Child Custody: When you share children, your lives will very likely always be connected. Deciding how much time your kids should spend with each parent can be extremely difficult emotionally, given that you are all very used to living together and spending all of your time under the same roof. Rather than leaving this decision to a judge, working with the team at Johnson Mediation gives you and your spouse the opportunity to work together to develop a custody agreement that puts your children first. Our experienced mediators foster an open and honest dialogue that promotes collaboration and compromise. A court battle can become very adversarial quickly, promoting more of a win at all costs mentality.
  3. Child and Spousal Support: Another issue that needs to be settled during a divorce proceeding is whether child or spousal support is needed. This is particularly important when one parent works to support the family and the other parent has more of the child rearing responsibilities. Johnson Mediation can help determine whether this is relevant in your case.

Minnesota Divorce Mediation Services

The team at Johnson Mediation understands how difficult and emotionally draining a divorce can be. We work to understand your unique set of circumstances so that we can offer you the tools, guidance, expertise and support you need to navigate the process from start to finish. Our goal is to help you avoid a costly divorce that takes a devastating toll on your life and your ability to look forward toward your future. We can offer traditional divorce mediation, divorce coaching, parenting consulting, early neutral evaluations and post-divorce support. We offer a free consultation where we can sit down together and discuss your situation, your priorities and your desires about moving forward. We will help you come up with a specific plan that helps you accomplish your goals. For more information, call Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599.