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Kid's First MediationMany couples who are struggling in their marriage wrestle with the idea of whether to separate or divorce or try to stay together for the sake of their kids. Every family situation is different and every couple must weigh all the factors and make the best possible decision for their family.  Neither decision is easy Рstaying together when a marriage has deteriorated and has significant conflict can actually do more harm than good where kids are concerned. However, divorce is a huge life change for all involved and can be very difficult to navigate as well. Only you and your spouse can make this decision for your family Рbut should you decide to divorce, you can choose to navigate the process in a fair, balanced and even amicable way that puts your kids first.

Divorce Mediation Helps You Put Your Kids First

Divorce mediation is a tool that can help you settle important issues like division of property (including all assets and debts), child custody and child and spousal support without a lengthy, expensive court battle. Mediation is a process where you and your divorcing spouse meet several times with a trained and experienced neutral third party (your divorce mediator) to discuss and resolve the outstanding issues that need to be settled before your divorce can be finalized. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce mediation services that put your kids first and allow you and your family to move forward.

Navigate Divorce with Your Children in Mind

Mediation is based on the premise that you and your divorcing spouse are in the best possible position to make the important decisions about how to settle the terms of the divorce. Your mediator will help to facilitate a positive and productive discussion allows decisions to be made. Mediation helps to lessen the conflict between you and your spouse, whereas a court battle  makes your existing conflict even more pronounced. This process benefits your children because it minimizes the length of time in the difficult transition and shows your children that you and your spouse can work together to solve the issues between the two of you. Mediation lays a strong foundation for co-parenting after a divorce, which will be the next phase of your relationship.

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