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Improving Communication In The New YearWe all are guilty of making new year’s resolutions and by the time February rolls around, those resolutions are forgotten. If one of your goals for 2022 is to improve communication with your spouse (or your ex), then consider working with the team at Johnson Mediation. We specialize in divorce mediation and parenting support services that can help families navigate complex and difficult situations with less conflict. We work with couples who have made the difficult decision to divorce, individuals who are co-parenting after a breakup or divorce, or families who are simply trying to make some big decisions about the future. With everything going on around us, schedule changes are huge.

Using Mediation To Resolve Conflict And Improve Communication

Mediation is an excellent way to resolve difficult problems without having to go to court. You can resolve all types of family issues including:

● Creating a parenting time agreement with a detailed schedule
● Navigating changes to an existing parenting or custody agreement
● Making decisions about childcare, medical issues, extracurricular activities, etc.
● Fairly dividing your joint property and assets as part of separation and divorce
● Determining whether spousal support and/or child support is warranted
● Making decisions about other issues that are specific to you and your family

Mediation is a personalized process. It differs for each case and can be tailored to meet your family’s unique needs. Your mediator can provide a wide variety of resources for you including strategies for improved communication, guidance about the legal processes for separation and divorce and information about resources for parenting support services. Rather than relying on a judge to provide a ruling with little or no input from you, you are fully involved in the mediation process and are empowered to find solutions that are workable for you and your family.

Minnesota Mediation Services

Johnson Mediation has helped individuals and couples in Minnesota for more than a decade. One of the biggest and most important benefits of mediation is that it can help you learn to communicate better and more effectively, which can have a positive impact on the rest of your interactions. You can resolve an issue using mediation and then, many years later, return to the same mediator for additional assistance. This can alleviate stress and conflict that can characterize a complicated family dynamic. So, if you have decided to separate, divorce, or you need resources for developing or changing a parenting plan, give us a call for assistance at 952-401-7599.