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How to Keep your Divorce Confidential MNOne serious concern about settling a difficult and contentious divorce is how to keep the details of your divorce confidential. After living through the experience, the last thing that you want to do is worry that the intimate details are known by others. Your marriage and your divorce are extremely personal, and it can be painful to relive it in front of just about anyone. Using mediation to resolve the terms of your divorce rather than litigation is an excellent way to keep the details of your divorce confidential. Johnson Mediation can help you navigate your divorce confidentially, to protect you and your family.

Confidential Divorce Mediation Services

Minnesota state law states that what is said in the mediation sessions by either party cannot be used in court. When you begin the mediation process, your mediator will explain that this process is entirely confidential. Johnson Mediation requires you to sign an agreement to mediation that goes over the expectation of confidentiality and creates an environment of confidentiality that can help lay a foundation for open and honest dialogue.

Since mediation can resolve the same issues as litigation, many couples opt to at least try it before pursuing a court battle. Johnson Mediation has helped many Minnesota couples make decisions about fair and equitable division of joint property, determining how best to structure a child custody agreement and whether or not child or spousal support is necessary in your case. Mediation offers many benefits to couples in addition to confidentiality. It is also less expensive than litigation, takes less time and allows you and your soon to be ex-spouse to come up with creative solutions that are tailored to your family.

Reasons to Consider Mediation to Settle your Divorce

When you go through the court system, you have to share your personal story with your attorney, your spouse’s attorney, a judge and details of your case can be read by other court officials. With mediation, you do not have to expose yourself to that additional pain. Mediation can lessen the overall stress and conflict associated with a divorce because it does take your personal needs and priorities into account. If confidentiality is important to you, then it is definitely a tool for you to explore. The team at Johnson Mediation can answer your questions about the process and explain how we keep your case confidential. Once you get started, you will likely find that the process is a bit easier than you expected. That is our goal. Call us at 952-401-7599 to speak with a member of our team.