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How Divorce Mediation Protects Your ChildrenMuch has been said over the last few years about the true value of divorce mediation, and the positive interest and accolades are well deserved. Divorce mediation is a service that saves time, money, and a lot of aggravation for the majority of people who pursue divorce through the mediation process. Many couples who use mediation to resolve the terms of their divorce emerge from it with the ability to continue an amicable relationship with their former spouse. Johnson Mediation is proud to provide high quality divorce mediation services to couples in Minnesota.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation Services

When children are a part of the divorce process, the stakes are higher as is the overall stress. The reason is obvious: most parents not only want what is best for their children, they also want to ensure that their children’s lives are disrupted minimally, if at all. The stakes are simply higher for parents who are getting divorced, as they want to protect their kids from the pain of the divorce. Fortunately, divorce mediation is also a strong resource for parents who are concerned about the effects of divorce on their children.

The mediation process is an excellent way to help divorcing couples reach resolution on matters that have caused even extreme conflict between them. Johnson Mediation offers several services that are specifically designed for parents. Our Parenting Consulting service helps divorced couples navigate the issues that often arise following the completion of the divorce, and our Parenting Time Expeditor assists divorced parents in their efforts to come to agreement about the time each parent spends with their minor children. Both services are supported by the court and are codified by the laws of Minnesota, so when you enter into one or both processes with the staff at Johnson Mediation, you can feel confident that we have your children’s best interests in mind.

Minnesota Mediation Experts

Children of divorcing parents have always been at the heart of Johnson Mediation’s work. Mediation, after all, is about fairness, justice, and empowering the people who seek our services to live their best lives. Children are the most vulnerable people in matters of family change, so we prioritize their well-being. Communicating that priority to our clients tends to provide the reassurance that is needed to make progress on the issues that led to their decision to seek divorce.

With the help of Johnson Mediation, you can work toward the resolution of conflict with your spouse and move forward with your life knowing that your children’s welfare is a central part of the divorce mediation process. To take advantage of our free one-hour consultation, call us at (952) 401-7599.