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Five Surprising Divorce TrendsWe have all heard the saying that almost ½ of all marriages end in divorce. So, we all know that divorce is a reality for many people. However, there are some surprising divorce trends that you might not expect.

1. The divorce rate in the US is actually decreasing: Over the last several years, the divorce rate has actually gone down in our country. Possible factors include fewer people getting married, the COVID-19 pandemic, and financial concerns about supporting two separate households.
2. The largest group of individuals who are getting divorced in the US are over the age of 50: In addition to the fact that the number of baby boomers is extremely high in our country, it also appears that many couples wait until their children leave for college or are on their own before calling it quits. It is possible too that once a couple finally has more time together, they realize that they have grown apart and are no longer as compatible. The divorce rate for this age group has more than doubled in the last twenty years.
3. Many individuals who have child support agreements in place do not receive the agreed upon amount: Child support is one of the most important and difficult aspects of a divorce settlement. However, the court system is generally so backed up that they are unable to enforce these agreements. The financial impact of being a single parent can be overwhelming and unexpected.
4. More individuals believe that divorcing is better for kids than living in an unhealthy and unhappy marriage. This perception has changed significantly over time even though the divorce process itself can be extremely stressful and difficult.
5. Mediation is becoming the preferred method to settle the terms of a divorce. For many years, divorcing couples assumed that litigation was the only way to navigate this difficult process. But, over the last few decades mediation has emerged as a highly effective, efficient and less expensive way to settle a divorce.

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