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Finding Common Ground In The Divorce ProcessThe sun is hot. Water is wet. Day follows night. There are some statements in life that are so obvious that stating them at all seems unnecessary. The statement, “divorce is difficult,” also fits into this category. However, the reality is that there is nothing that can be done to change the heat of the sun, the wetness of water, or the coming of a new day. There IS something that can be done about the difficulty of divorce and all it takes is a phone call or a few clicks on a computer keyboard to reduce the difficulty of divorce. Johnson Mediation provides divorce mediation services, and we have helped many couples reduce the difficulty and stress that is so intertwined with divorce.

Using Mediation To Settle Your Divorce

Divorce mediation was created as an alternative to court litigated divorces. We all have an idea of what we think a court-based divorce will be like – and this vision is actually fairly accurate. It tends to involve lawyers who, by definition, treat the process as adversarial. The best possible outcome for their client—your soon-to-be former spouse—is what motivates them, which means that you are often considered collateral damage. Divorce mediation is different. The mediation process is designed to establish and work from common ground. Divorce mediators work from the belief that the best possible outcome for all parties affected by the divorce should be the primary motivator. Working to find common ground is possible, even when the divorcing couple is at odds over nearly everything imaginable.

Court-based divorces do not need to be motivated by finding common ground, so they often do not. Little to nothing is done in the court system to mitigate the conflict that can build up between divorcing spouses. Divorce mediators, however, understand that life continues after the divorce papers are signed and notarized. New chapters begin. Life moves forward. And life is far more valuable when the conflicts that led to the divorce in the first place no longer play such a prominent role in the lives of the divorcing couple.

Minnesota Divorce Mediator

As a result, we prioritize finding and working from common ground. If you have children, they are often the best source of common ground because most parents want nothing but the best outcomes for their children. Even if you do not have children, we can still help you find common ground and reduce the overall stress of the process. Call us at (952) 401-7599 for more information.