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Find Common Ground During Your DivorceThere is never a convenient time for you and your spouse to realize that you are ready to divorce, and the energy required to end a marriage can be enormous. In fact, there are few experiences in life that are more stressful than divorce. However, there are things that you can do to minimize this stress. Divorce mediation has helped many couples navigate the divorce process with less overall stress and heartache. Divorce no longer needs to be a guaranteed source of great stress. There is no doubt that divorce will never be a stress free experience, but with the help of a qualified divorce mediator like Johnson Mediation, emotional and financial stress can be dramatically reduced.

Experienced Minnesota Divorce Mediator

Johnson Mediation is known for being compassionate and sensitive to the experiences of our clients, for our knowledge of Minnesota divorce law, and for our professional competency. This combination means a better overall experience for couples who are going through divorce. Historically, divorces that have been settled by the court system have been defined by their adversarial nature. Both parties hire their own lawyer, or team of lawyers, which not only adds to the adversarial nature of divorce but can become very expensive.

Divorce mediation is an effective and preferable alternative because of its emphasis on finding common ground for the divorcing couple. It also offers a much more affordable option for couples who have decided to divorce, but who do not have unlimited resources. Johnson Mediation has worked hard to establish itself as a strong advocate for divorcing couples. The services we provide are designed to help the divorcing couple find and build on areas of agreement. Demonstrating that there is common ground goes a long way toward helping each party recognize that reaching agreements on matters of more intense conflict can result in resolution. This is especially helpful when the couple has children.

Children Feel Stress During Divorce

Divorce mediators prioritize the health and well-being of children, especially in divorce cases. Dependent children are vulnerable to the stresses of divorce too, and our commitment is to ensure that the divorcing couple understands the impact that their comportment in the divorce process has on their children. Children are the perfect motivators for parents to find solutions to problems, and Johnson Mediation has the mediation experience and expertise to help parents through the process.

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