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Financial Early Neutral Evaluation CompanyA Financial Early Neutral Evaluation is a voluntary process that seeks to resolve and reduce the length and expense of prolonged court proceedings. These evaluations are similar to medication because it is an alternative form of divorce compared the typically hiring an attorney and going into litigation. These are sometimes preferred because they are non-binding and voluntary.

The biggest difference between mediation and a FENE is that with mediation, the mediator will attempt to have the parties reach a solution, without giving an evaluation of their case. When you choose to take the route of an evaluation, you take a quick evaluation and based on limited arguments and facts from both parties you make a goal to reach a resolution surrounding your financial issues.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluations

The primary purpose of a FENE is to offer parties with an early neutral evaluation of financial issues with the hopes that if all parties have the pertinent neutral information they’ll be able to reach an earl settlement. When this happens it reduces the chances that the parties’ finances will have to be spent on attorneys and fighting it out in court. When parties attempt to weigh the costs of pursuing litigation versus an efficient, fast settlement, many will choose the settlement route.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation Company

If you decide to take the FENE route, the first meeting should occur within a week of the Initial Case Management Conference, unless there are some type of extenuating circumstances that would require a later start date. This meeting will help determine what financial issues need to be addressed. The entire process must be completed within 60 days. Within that period, you’ll either reach an agreement or alert the Court that no agreement has been made.

If you are looking for an early neutral evaluation for your divorce, and are located in Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Shoreview or Minnetonka, Johnson Mediation is here for you. Any type of Early Neutral Evaluations can be incredibly complex. For more information on navigating these sometimes confusing family law procedures, feel free to reach out to Jeff Johnson and his team today. He has gone through a divorce himself and has provided his community with years of experience, so don’t hesitate to contact Jeff to guide you through this difficult time.