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Easiest Way To Change A Divorce AgreementYou may feel extreme relief when you sign your divorce papers. Your marriage is officially over, and you can move forward with your life. There is no doubt that a divorce marks the end of one important part of your life and the beginning of a new chapter. However, it may be helpful to realize that all contact does not stop when you sign your divorce papers – especially if you share children and are co-parenting. Raising kids is something that you and your ex will have to navigate long after your divorce is final. You may have outlined the best possible and most amicable divorce agreement, but in all likelihood, there will be a need for change as the years go by. When you find yourself needing to change your divorce agreement, mediation is an excellent way to make this happen.

Post-Divorce Mediation To Resolve Conflict After Divorce

Johnson Mediation specializes in helping families who already have divorce agreements in place make necessary adjustments in order to meet your kids’ unique needs. As your kids grow up they find new interests, become more independent and may express needs and wants that no longer fit the existing agreement. Or maybe, you or your ex get a new job, find a new significant other or one of you needs to relocate and that causes the need for an amendment to your divorce agreement. There are countless reasons that you may need to change your divorce agreement and we can help. You do not have to go through the court system for each and every change. The easiest way to make changes to your divorce agreement is to use mediation.

Make Changes To Your Divorce Agreement

Mediation gives you the opportunity to talk through any changes to your divorce agreement with the guidance of a mediator. Your mediator will not make the decisions for you but will help you engage in positive and productive discussions that focus on your goals and resolve the issues that are outstanding. You can easily make changes to any aspect of your divorce agreement including changes to your custody arrangement, vacation schedules, or changes to how your child support or spousal maintenance is managed.

If you have a divorce agreement that needs to be amended, call the team at Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599 for our post-divorce mediation services. We offer free consultations, flexibility in scheduling and highly skilled and experienced staff to meet your needs.