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Early Neutral Evaluation in MNEarly Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a dispute resolution process employed by a qualified divorce mediator to help resolve issues between divorcing partners. The issues most often considered in the early neutral evaluation process relate to financial matters (financial early neutral evaluation) and/or social matters (social early neutral evaluation). Johnson Mediation is a leading provider of early neutral evaluation process in Minnesota.

Johnson Mediation’s strong reputation for excellence in the area of divorce mediation services is due in part to our expertise in providing early neutral evaluation services. Our team brings extensive knowledge of Minnesota divorce law, which is arguably the most important part of the foundation for helping couples navigate the difficulty that defines the divorce process. Understanding the state law related to divorce is critical to providing guidance on the other relevant aspects of divorce, including the importance of early neutral evaluation.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluations

Financial early neutral evaluation is a fairly recent addition to the divorce process. It is important to know that it is a non-binding voluntary process (divorcing couples, in other words, cannot be compelled to participate in ENE) that is designed to make the divorce process more efficient and prevent it from becoming too lengthy. The ultimate goal of the financial early neutral evaluation process is to help the divorce mediator make informed recommendations about the financial issues that are present in the couple’s relationship.

Social Early Neutral Evaluations

Social early neutral evaluation also seeks to help the divorce mediator make informed recommendations, but in this case the recommendations pertain to custody issues (also known as ‘parenting time’ issues). The social ENE process is almost always conducted in the earliest stages of a couple’s divorce or custody discussion. Social early neutral evaluation can be an important tool in helping you and your divorcing spouse discuss settlement-related issues early in the process. This can be helpful in achieving resolution in that it often introduces potential solutions before either spouse becomes too entrenched in a position or committed to a solution that is not agreeable to the other spouse.

Benefits of Early Neutral Evaluations in MN

Early neutral evaluations can be useful tools to help you reach resolution with your divorcing spouse. Their non-binding nature often provides couples with an indication that they still have the power to make choices, which can further allow each party to feel more ready to make concessions and mitigate conflict. If the areas of dispute between you and your spouse are in the areas of finances or custody, the early neutral evaluations processes can be helpful and important to resolving your divorce in a timely manner.

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