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Downsides Of The Traditional Divorce ProcessThe traditional divorce process pits you and your ex against each other, with opposing lawyers trying to outmaneuver the other. For many divorcing couples, the traditional court process means more conflict, more stress (both financial and emotional) and fewer opportunities to work toward a common goal keeping your family first. The team at Johnson Mediation works with couples in Minnesota to offer an alternative to the traditional divorce process. Here are a few of the downsides to the traditional divorce process:

1. More expensive: When you go through the court system for a traditional divorce, you can expect to spend between 2 and 10 times more than using an alternative dispute resolution technique like mediation.
2. Takes longer: In addition to the higher financial impact, a court battle also takes many months longer than mediation. You must essentially wait for the court schedule to line up with your attorney’s schedule. Going through the courts can take many months but mediation can resolve the terms of your divorce in a matter of 3-4 two-hour mediation sessions.
3. Gives control away: When you go through the court system, you are essentially giving the power to make decisions about your future and your family to a judge. Of course, a judge will do their very best to make decisions with your best interests in mind, but when you try a mediated divorce, you have the chance to make these decisions yourself. A mediator can facilitate a discussion between you and your ex about issues like dividing joint property, developing a parenting plan and
4. Increases conflict: The traditional divorce process emphasizes a win/lose approach and very often this actually increases the conflict between two individuals. However, there are many instances in which a couple must continue to interact even after a divorce is final, so increasing conflict during the divorce process can make this part even more difficult in the long term.
5. Less effective: A mediated divorce generally has an outcome that is easier for a family to stick with. This is in large part because it is negotiated by you and your ex, who understand your family dynamics and what will work best for you. A traditional divorce settlement may not have the same positive results.

Divorce Mediation vs Divorce Litigation

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