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Divorce Trends in 2021While every relationship and divorce is unique, there are some noticeable trends that can help you think about your situation and how the process is likely to go. Some of the most obvious trends are related to custody and the divorce process in general, which can be helpful as you move forward with your own divorce. Remember, no one really knows how the pandemic is going to effect school and the work place after we all where locked up and working and learning from home. Having said that, this is the divorce trends we have seen so far in 2021.

1. More and more couples split custody of children evenly: Now that many families have been home exclusively for well more than a year because of the pandemic, a 50/50 custody agreement may be an easier concept to grasp than pre-COVID. During this time, both parents have likely learned a lot about their kids’ daily routines, preferences and are ready to take on an equitable parenting arrangement.
2. Mediation is becoming a more popular process to follow than litigation: Mediation is a highly effective and flexible process that can help you and your ex navigate the divorce process with ease. Mediation is confidential, less expensive and takes less time than a court battle and you have much more control over the decisions and outcomes. In addition, if you are still concerned about meeting in person because of COVID-19, mediation can be handled virtually with no problem. While the courts continue to be backlogged with divorce cases, mediation is much faster, allowing couples to move forward with their lives more quickly.
3. Overall divorce rates may increase in 2021: Because of so much uncertainty over the last 12-18 months, the divorce rates have actually declined overall in our country. Most lawyers and divorce experts agree that these rates will increase significantly over the next 6-12 months as couples reach a sense of normalcy and decide that things are stable enough to move forward with their plans for divorce.

Benefits Of A Mediated Divorce In 2021

If you have been considering moving forward with a divorce, consider reaching out to the team at Johnson Mediation. We have many years of experience helping couples navigate divorce without having to go through the court system, which can be less stressful and less expensive. You can settle all aspects of your divorce without a lengthy court battle. We can help you with issues like how to equitably divide your joint property and assets, how to develop a parenting plan that outlines custody for your children, and whether or not to consider building in spousal maintenance or child support to your divorce agreement. For more information about our divorce mediation services, call us at 952-401-7599.