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Divorce Mediators In my AreaTo find the right divorce mediator in Chanhassen, MN, look no further than Johnson Mediation. Johnson Mediation has helped many local divorcing couples get through one of the most difficult and stressful experiences in life by providing expert guidance, support and knowledge of Minnesota divorce law. We understand that the decision to end a marriage is a big one. Even for couples who know that divorcing is the right decision to make, the process remains a source of enormous stress.

This stress can be mitigated. Working with an experienced divorce mediator can help you understand that you are capable of getting through your divorce even more prepared for life’s next chapter with resolution and even peace. At a minimum, divorce ends the legal relationship known as ‘marriage.’ But when conflict remains unresolved, the legal dissolution of marriage can cause you to feel trapped in the conflict. The mediation process is designed to be cooperative, collaborative, and solutions-oriented and ultimately to resolve that conflict.

Local Divorce Mediation Services in Chanhassen, MN

Johnson Mediation has found that, even for those couples with extreme conflict, it is possible to find common ground and to resolve this conflict. We understand that marital conflicts that lead to divorce are real and the people who experience them often have great difficulty finding common ground with their divorcing spouse. We are committed, however, to helping you and your divorcing spouse see the benefits of compromise, compassion, and empathy for each other. We provide a safe environment in which to give a little and then get a little, then give a little more, and get a little more back.

Navigate your Divorce with Mediation

Even if your conflict is so intense that it is difficult to make eye contact with your divorcing spouse, the mediation process allows you to view the process as an opportunity for you to begin the healing process. Divorce mediation is also simply a more effective way to settle the terms of your divorce. It is far less costly than court-based divorces and divorcing spouses have far more control over the agreements that are reached than they do in court-based proceedings. Johnson Mediation has built a positive reputation because we are committed to optimizing communication and employing our highly focused mediation skills.

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