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Divorce Mediation Victoria, MinnesotaDivorce mediation can be a highly effective way to settle the important aspects of your divorce and is now one of the most frequently used methods in our country. It can work for the vast majority of couples, offering a less expensive, less contentious and less time consuming option than proceeding via the traditional court system. Divorce mediation can help you resolve many issues in a divorce including the division of property, debts and assets, development of a parenting plan (or custody agreement), and negotiation of spousal and/or child support. Mediation is most successful when both parties are willing to compromise and listen to the other’s point of view to find solutions that will work well for all parties. Johnson Mediation specializes in comprehensive divorce mediation services and can guide you through the entire divorce process, offering tools and resources so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

Divorce mediation is encouraged by the court system, because it is simply not equipped to handle the volume of cases. Mediation allows you and your divorcing partner to make decisions based on your unique situation that are right for you – rather than leaving these critical decisions in the hands of the court. A divorce mediator will facilitate positive and productive discussions between you and your soon to be ex-spouse that encourage compromise and solutions that work for all involved. It is important to understand that your mediator is a neutral party and will not make these important decisions for you – but will facilitate communication, asking clarifying questions.

Divorce Mediation Process

The mediation process can take shape in many ways depending on the needs of both parties and your entire family. It is a flexible process and you can even choose to bring in experts to help sort out the major issues, including lawyers, accountants, or appraisers and the discussions can cover any topics that are relevant to your situation. The process is meant to meet your unique needs and can also offer information, resources and guidance about the court system and how issues are commonly solved.

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Johnson Mediation specializes in comprehensive divorce mediation for families just like yours. Our team is highly trained and experienced in divorce law as well as mediation skills and can help in divorce cases that are highly contentious or where conflict is high. If you live in Victoria, Minnesota and have questions about the divorce mediation process or what it includes, contact Jeff Johnson, the founder of Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599 to schedule a free, no risk consultation.