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Divorce Mediation Services around MeAre you looking for a way to settle your divorce without a painful and lengthy court battle? Johnson Mediation is a local resource that can help families who are beginning the divorce process in Carver County, MN and Chanhassen. We offer comprehensive divorce mediation services and parenting support services that can empower you to move through this difficult period in your life with less stress and financial strain. We understand how difficult a divorce can be on you, your soon to be ex-spouse as well as any children in the marriage. We focus on finding affordable and workable solutions to settle the important aspects of your divorce without having to consider litigation.

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The team at Johnson Mediation is experienced and highly competent in the area of Minnesota law. While our team will not provide you with legal advice, we can share information about what kinds of settlements tend to work and layout the process for filing for divorce in Carver County, so that you will feel confident that you will be able to follow the necessary steps to finalize your divorce, when you are ready to do so. Jeff Johnson, founder of Johnson Mediation is a state qualified neutral mediator and has been through his own divorce in Carver County. He is uniquely qualified to help you navigate this process.

Divorce mediation is highly recommended, even by the Carver County family court system. It is a highly effective alternative dispute resolution tool that works for many local couples who are facing the end of their marriage. Rather than increasing the conflict and creating a win/lose dynamic, meditation encourages you and your ex-spouse to find areas of compromise and resolution that work best for your family. A judge cannot possible get to know you during a court battle – so when he/she renders a verdict on your case, it cannot possibly meet your needs like a solution that you create. In addition, mediation costs less and takes a fraction of the time of a court battle.

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In addition to divorce mediation services, Johnson Mediation also offers parenting consulting, parenting time expeditor services, early neutral evaluations, divorce coaching and post-divorce support, depending on your needs and your unique situation. For more information about Johnson Mediation’s comprehensive mediation services for Carver County, Minnesota, and Chanhassen area, call us at (952) 401-7599 or email Jeff Johnson at