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Divorce Mediation Near MeDivorce tends to make your life feel chaotic and out of control. As a result, it can be difficult to even see that there is an option for settling the important aspect of your divorce that is NOT a long and expensive court battle. This alternative is divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a specialty of Johnson Mediation. We work closely with local couples who have decided to end their marriages, guiding them toward finding equitable and fair solutions to issues that have led them to this important decision.

Why Choose Divorce Mediation to Settle Your Divorce?

Divorce mediation is a sub-specialty of the mediation process, which is an effective means of reducing or eliminating conflict. When you work with Johnson Mediation, you will not give away your power to a court. In fact, mediated divorce is largely defined by its collaborative nature. Rather than exacerbating the differences that exist between you and your partner, divorce mediators help you find common ground.

The Johnson Mediation team values the collaborative process of divorce mediation because it is a proven technique for resolving issues that exist between divorcing couples. Collaboration, for all its benefits, can take us only so far. It must be combined with empathy, critical thinking, a commitment to honest communication, creative problem-solving, and knowledge of Minnesota divorce law.

Johnson Mediation’s reputation has been built on working successfully with our local clients to resolve conflict, answer difficult questions, and create pathways out of the tumult and into a brighter future, primarily for the divorcing couple but also for all people impacted by the divorce. These qualities are what make divorce mediation different from, and often preferable to, court-system-based divorces.

Experienced Minnesota Divorce Mediator

Working with a local divorce mediator like Johnson Mediation tends to be significantly less expensive than pursuing your divorce through the court system. Couples who pursue divorce through the courts almost always have to hire attorneys to represent them, and those billable hours add up fast. Working with Johnson Mediation requires no attorneys and the process almost always requires far less time than court-based divorces. Consequently, you not only have the benefit of reducing the chaos in your life, you do so while spending far less money to achieve your desired outcome.

We hope you will consider contacting Johnson Mediation for help if you and your spouse have decided to divorce. To schedule a free one-hour consultation, call us at (952) 401-7599.