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Divorce Mediation Advantages And DisadvantagesOnce you make the decision to divorce, you have another significant decision to make – what process to follow to settle and finalize your divorce. As you weigh your three main options: doing it yourself, using divorce mediation, or going through the traditional court system (litigation). Below we have outlined the pros and cons of divorce mediation so you can decide if it is right for you.

Advantages Of Divorce Mediation

There are many significant benefits of divorce mediation for settling the terms of your divorce. Divorce mediation is far less expensive, takes less time and is entirely confidential. You and your ex generally split the mediation costs and you are not required to hire a divorce attorney. You can also schedule mediation sessions at times that work best for you, rather than being at the mercy of busy lawyers and a court schedule. Mediation also gives you and your spouse more control over the decisions in your case, after all, no one knows the dynamics in your family so this can help you find solutions that will work long term. It gives you more control over the outcomes and will put you in a strong position to make decisions after your divorce is final. Mediation can resolve all aspects of your divorce including child custody, division of property, and spousal maintenance and/or child support. Your mediator will also know how to file your divorce with the court system.

Disadvantages Of Divorce Mediation

When you opt for mediation, you need to feel comfortable as your own advocate, you need to be able to compromise and both parties must both voluntarily enter into the mediation process. If you are reluctant to negotiate without an attorney representing you, then you may want to go forward with litigation. In addition, if there is any domestic violence in your relationship or an imbalance of power then litigation is likely the best course of action as well. Mediation is entirely voluntary so if one party does not want to participate, then mediation will not be a workable solution.

Minnesota Divorce Mediation Options

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