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Divorce In The New Year If you have decided that you want to move forward with a divorce in the new year, how should you prepare? What should you do now so that the process will be as easy and stress free as possible? Here are some basic tips for how to prepare yourself and your family for a divorce in the new year.

Gather important documents and records: No matter how you decide to settle the terms of your divorce (litigation or mediation), you will need to be able to provide a lot of personal documents and financial records. This includes tax forms, bank account information, retirement balances, debt information as well as income and expenses. Pulling these documents together now will save you time (and headaches) later.
Start making some lists: You will also need to consider how to equitably divide your marital property. So, begin drafting a list of all of your joint assets. This can be more time consuming than you might expect but it will be information that will be very important during the divorce process.
Decide how you want to complete the process: You have choices when it comes to how you want to divorce. You can choose litigation – a court centered process, or you can opt for divorce mediation, which allows you and your ex to settle the terms of your divorce without going through the court. Mediation is less expensive and takes less time than litigation and can also lower the overall level of conflict you (and your family) experiences.
Think about your priorities and the priorities of your spouse: Divorce is all about compromise and you will have to give and take. It is smart to go ahead and think about the priorities that you have for the coming year when it comes to child custody issues as well as any joint property that is really important to you. Also try to anticipate the priorities of your spouse and think about ways to compromise so that you both get the things that you want most.
Communicate: Now is a good time to begin talking to your kids and your extended family and friends about what is ahead so that you can get the support you need through the divorce process. The more honest and open you can be now, the better the process will go for your family.

Planning For Divorce In 2022

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