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Divorce MediatorIf you are preparing for a divorce, you may assume that the only way to get an equitable and fair settlement is to hire a divorce attorney to represent you and your interests. But, moving ahead with litigation to settle the important aspects of your divorce may not be the only (or even the best) way forward. Litigation can be expensive and time consuming and does not often provide you with any element of control over the outcome. The court system generally decides how your assets and property are divided and how your children’s time is divided between you and your divorcing spouse.

You should also be aware that there is another option for settling a divorce that offers some important benefits for divorcing couples. Mediation is a process by which you and your spouse can meet with a neutral third party to settle issues like property division, child custody and even child/spousal support payments. It is important to note that you can pursue mediation with or without the assistance of divorce attorneys, depending on your needs and your preferences. Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN, can provide you with information about divorce mediation so that you can determine if divorce mediation is the best path for you and your family.

Benefits of Using Divorce Mediation

A court battle can be emotionally and financially taxing and highly contentious. There are certainly instances in which this is the only way forward for divorce proceedings. However, if you think that you and your soon to be ex-spouse can maintain perspective and work together to solve problems, mediation might be an option to pursue. Here are some of the benefits of settling your divorce using the assistance of a mediator:

  • Costs less: The costs of a litigated divorce can be catastrophic for many families. You pay court and attorney fees and end up with a lengthy court battle. Mediation can save you
  • Takes less time: The mediation process can be completed in a matter of weeks, rather than months (or longer) so that you can begin the process of moving forward with your life.
  • Gives you more control: Mediation empowers you and your divorcing spouse to find solutions that will work for your family and not rely on the court to do so.
  • Is completely confidential: Instead of airing out all of your “dirty laundry” in court, mediation keeps your private life, private.
  • Less conflict benefits all: The foundation of mediation is finding common ground and compromise in order to solve problems. This can show your children that despite your differences, you and your divorcing spouse can still work together.
  • Lays a strong foundation for co-parenting after a divorce: Long after your divorce is final, you will continue to need to make joint decisions for your children. Mediation lays a strong foundation for a positive co-parenting model.

Many divorces can be settled without going to court. Before you move forward with litigation, find out if divorce mediation might work for you. Call the team at Johnson Mediation at (952) 401-7599 for more information.