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Divorce After The PandemicSeveral months into the Covid-19 pandemic, it became obvious to most people that it was taking a toll on the people of the United States. With the development of vaccines, there was a new promise that we would be coming out of the pandemic relatively soon, and with that came the hope that maybe, just maybe, life would get back to normal. In many ways, we have returned to normal activities, and that should be celebrated. Still, stress seems to be a prominent part of most people’s lives, and we all know that stress can be very hard on marital relationships. One thing is for certain–the promise of coming out of the worst of the pandemic has not changed the rate at which people are deciding to seek divorces from their partners. Johnson Mediation can help you if you find yourself at the point of separating or divorcing.

Using Divorce Mediation To Resolve Conflict And Move Forward

If you have decided that divorcing your spouse is the right path for you to take, Johnson Mediation is set up to provide you the service you need to end your marriage. If you and your spouse have reached a mutual decision, it is even possible, perhaps even likely, that we can help you move forward amicably and with the possibility of resolving some of the conflicts that led to your decision to divorce. At a minimum, Johnson Mediation can help you and your spouse identify the issues and develop strategies to mitigate the impact of the conflict you have been experiencing. Once the issues have been identified, the mediation process can show you that it is possible to move forward, independently, but with less conflict, resentment, and anger. Divorce mediation is ideal for helping people find areas of overlap, or common ground, which serve as building blocks for the resolution process.

Divorce Mediation Saves Money And Time

It may be common knowledge, now that divorce mediation has been counted on by the courts for some time, but it is important to repeat that one of the most appealing aspects of divorce mediation is that it is generally far less expensive than divorcing through the court system. By working with one mediator or co-mediators, you eliminate the need for representation by an attorney. Without the adversarial quality brought to divorce-by-divorce attorneys, you and your spouse can resolve your conflicts, and end your marriage, with the help of a divorce mediator.

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