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Complicated Divorce Mediation ServicesDivorce mediation is accurately described as a viable and desirable alternative to traditional court-based divorce proceedings.  What tends to go along with this description of mediation is the belief that mediated divorce is for divorcing couples who have simple relationships, simple finances, and are relatively low in conflict.  Divorce mediation, as provided by Johnson Mediation, is not limited to marriages that are ending amicably and whose lives are not further complicated by extensive financial holdings.  At Johnson Mediation, we have the capability of serving couples whose marriages can be described as ‘complicated,’ in virtually every way.

Divorce Mediation for Complex Divorce Cases

Divorce is likely to be stressful and painful no matter what your circumstances are and how complicated your divorce may be. If you know for sure that your marital situation is complicated by more typical concerns (disagreements with your spouse about child-raising issues and how to divide the debt you have incurred as a couple, among other things) or other concerns, mediated divorce is  still a viable option for you.

Johnson Mediation has the confidence in our knowledge of Minnesota divorce law and mediation techniques, and we have human beings to state unequivocally that we can help you no matter how complicated your divorce may be.  Interpersonal conflict may be the most common complication that impacts divorce processes.  This is because it is impossible to avoid the interpersonal dynamics of any relationship.  When the relationship is defined by some degree of longevity and deepened by marriage, conflict is likely to occur to some degree.  If your current situation is defined by interpersonal conflict, our expertise in matters of mediation can certainly help you overcome impasses.

Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Services

If the complications of your relationship include a significant financial component, we also have the knowledge and expertise to help you reach resolution there too.  Minnesota divorce law is expansive and interconnected with many other subsets of Minnesota law.  Our expertise, therefore, has kept pace with the intricate nature of law more generally, which is another way of saying that we are knowledgeable about most legal matters because divorce law requires us to be.

What separates Johnson Mediation from so many other divorce mediation services, however, is our empathy toward the human beings with whom we work.  Our motivation is to help you reach a fair and equitable resolution with your divorcing spouse.  If you have questions about how we can help you, call us at (952) 401-7599 today to schedule a time to come in for a divorce mediation consultation.