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Divorce Mediation Free ConsultationNearly every single divorce has its share of complicating factors. When you attempt to divide important aspects of your life, your property and custody of your children, nothing is simple. Hiring a divorce attorney and going through the traditional court system can further complicate the issues and increase the overall conflict between you and your divorcing spouse. Divorce mediation is an alternative to proceeding through the court to settle important aspects of your divorce and offers couples a way to take control over the end of their marriage. Mediation can also lay a strong foundation for more positive communication and co-parenting after a divorce is final. Johnson Mediation specializes in helping couples through even the most complex situations so that they can move forward in a healthy way.

Mediation Can Simplify the Divorce Process

Mediation has many benefits and can actually simplify the divorce process considerably. It is a fraction of the cost of hiring a divorce attorney, which can help to lessen the stress of the entire process. Mediation takes less time than a court battle, often only requiring 3-4 two hour sessions to settle issues. This includes the division of property and assets, determination of child and/or spousal support as well as the development of a parenting plan (also known as a custody agreement). A court battle can take months (and sometimes longer) as you are at the mercy of the courts and your attorneys for scheduling.

Mediation also empowers you and your divorcing spouse to come up with solutions to the issues you face that work best for you – rather than relinquishing this control to the courts. After all, your situation is unique and you and your ex understand the details and complexities of your situation best of all. Meditation gives you a forum to solve your problems in a way that works for you and your family. The team at Johnson Mediation can guide you through the mediation process, giving you information, resources and support along the way and offering a forum for positive and productive discussion. When you partner with Johnson Mediation, you will be in the position to make the most informed decisions possible for your family. You will also increase the likelihood that the solutions that you find will work long term, making you less likely to have to change your agreement after your divorce is final.

Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Services

Do not assume that your divorce is too complicated for mediation. Mediation can be ideal for even the most complex divorce cases. For more information, call Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599 to learn more about the process and find out how it can work for you.