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Common Mistakes In a Divorce Settlement | Divorce Mediation MNSettling the terms of your divorce is overwhelming and difficult. Below are 5 common pitfalls that you can work to avoid during the divorce process:

  1. If you have to go through the court system to settle: Perhaps one of the biggest and most expensive mistakes that couples can make when they decide to divorce is quickly hiring divorce attorneys and assuming that the only way to settle is to go through the courts. However, divorce mediation has become a very popular, effective and efficient way to settle all aspects of a divorce including parenting time, division of assets and spousal maintenance and child support. You save yourself significant time, money and emotional stress as well.
  2. Saying bad things about your spouse to your kids: It can be difficult to hold back, especially if your spouse has betrayed your marriage, but it never helps anyone to say things to your children that are negative about your ex in front of your kids. Your kids have two parents and regardless of their faults, you want to be calm and neutral when talking about your ex.
  3. Basing decisions and action on revenge: It is also easy to focus on the pain of your past, rather than focusing on your happiness moving forward when settling a divorce. If you can avoid basing your decisions on anger and/or revenge, your settlement will be much easier to reach and will be fairer and more equitable as well with fewer problems in the future.
  4. Forgetting to account for tax changes after divorce: A change in marital status means a change in tax status so make sure that you factor this in when you are making decisions about your financial settlement.
  5. Not getting the support that you need: Divorce is one of the most difficult changes you will ever face in your life, and you need support in order to navigate it successfully. This support can come in many different ways including from friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues, mentors, a pastor or from a professional mediator, divorce coach or therapist. Rather than try to push through this time alone, rely on those you trust to help you navigate the difficulty.

Using Divorce Mediation Services to Navigate Divorce

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