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Children First MediationIf you and your spouse have children and have made the difficult decision to divorce, it is critically important to keep the needs of your children at the heart of every decision you make.  You may feel extreme anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment about the loss of your marriage, but none of this is your children’s fault. It is unfortunately very easy to let those intense emotions impact your kids. Child first mediation is a highly effective tool that can empower you and your ex to come up with ways to settle your divorce without furthering the conflict and adversarial nature of your relationship. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce mediation services that keep the wellbeing of your children as the top priority as you navigate the divorce process.

The three major things that you need to settle related to your divorce are:

  1. Equitable division of joint property (including all assets and debts);
  2. Development of a parenting plan that outlines how you and your ex-spouse will divide time with your children;
  3. Determination of appropriate spousal and/or child support (if necessary).

Benefits of Divorce Mediation for your Kids

These decisions can be difficult – but when you partner with the team at Johnson Mediation, we can help you find resolution to each of these issues while minimizing the impact on your children. Mediation costs less and takes less time than a court battle, which alleviates stress and benefits your children.  Mediation also gives you the opportunity to be creative when it comes to settling the terms of your divorce and gives you the power to own the decisions, rather than entrusting this to the court. Litigation (the traditional alternative to mediation) pins you and your spouse into a win/lose proposition, often increasing the conflict between you. Your kids feel the conflict that exists between you and you’re soon to be ex-spouse.  Putting your kids first means putting them before your conflict. Johnson Mediation can help you do just that. Our team understands how difficult divorce can be but helps you focus on your goal — your children — every step of the way.

Experienced Child First Mediator

Johnson Mediation offers affordable comprehensive divorce mediation services that put your kids first. In addition to divorce mediation, we also can provide divorce coaching, parenting consultant and parenting time expeditor services, early neutral evaluations as well as post divorce support.  To learn more about how divorce mediation can help you make your children the priority during and after the divorce process, call our team at 952-401-7599.