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Child Support Attorney HelpThe determination of child support payments as part of a divorce settlement can be complex and highly contentious. Each party may have a very different opinion about what is fair given your unique set of circumstances. Divorce mediation allows you and your divorcing spouse to navigate these issues like child support and child custody in an environment that fosters and supports a solution based discussion that can be positive and productive. Divorce mediation can be successful and effective for even the most complicated divorce settlements. Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, MN specializes in divorce mediation and our team has experience specifically as a child support mediator.

Factors for Determining Child Support Payments

It is important to note that both parents are always financially responsible for the children from a marriage. Generally speaking, the parent with primary custody (with whom the child spends the majority of the time) receives child support payments. Payments come monthly to help cover the costs of raising the child. Child support payments are usually made until the child is 18 years old and include things like health insurance, education and childcare expenses. Some of the most common factors considered in the state of Minnesota when it comes to determining child support include:

● Each parent’s financial situation and resources.
● The unique needs of the child (physical, emotional, educational).
● How many children in the home.
● Standard of living of the child when the parents were living together.
● Which of the parents receives the income taxation dependency exemption and how much is received.
● The parents’ debts and assets.
● The paying parent’s ability to pay.

Divorce Mediation Services

Johnson Mediation specializes in helping parents establish fair, balanced child support payment plans that are workable for all members of the family. Our team recognizes that this part of the process is difficult, stressful and can evoke strong emotion. Mediation empowers you and your ex-spouse to work on this solution together, rather than relying on the court system to solve this issue for you. Mediation is also ideal for handling child support changes as time goes on and situations change that impact these payments. Using mediation to determine child support payments can save you money and foster a cooperative relationship. We offer traditional divorce mediation services and can serve as a parenting consultant, parenting time expeditor, divorce coach and post-divorce support. For more information about Johnson Mediation divorce mediation services, call our team at 952-401-7599.