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Amending Your Parenting Plan Before The HolidaysThe holidays are fast approaching and if you have been through a divorce and are co-parenting, you likely have a parenting plan in place that outlines how your children will spend their time over the holiday season. This parenting plan or custody agreement may have been negotiated during the divorce process. However, as your kids age and family circumstances change, these parenting plans may need to be changed to meet everyone’s needs. Your kids may have different preferences, your family may have new traditions, or you or your ex may have remarried and have a blended family. Changes in a parenting plan are very normal and best handled with the help of a mediator. Whether you used a mediator for your divorce or settled via litigation, you can amend your parenting agreement after divorce using a divorce mediator.

Post-Divorce Mediation Services In Minnesota

Johnson Mediation specializes in helping families just like yours navigate the issues surrounding divorce. This may be divorce mediation, parenting support services (parenting time expeditor, parenting consultant, early neutral evaluations) or post-divorce mediation. Your divorce may be final when you sign the divorce papers, but you will continue to co-parent until your kids are grown. The holidays are a very difficult time for divorced families and our team can help you amend your parenting plan to fit your current needs. Working on a new holiday arrangement can be stressful but our team will help you through the negotiation process and then help you file the amended agreement with the courts.

Change Your Custody Agreement Without Going To Court

When you work with us on post-divorce mediation, you can change your custody agreement and/or parenting plan without going through the courts. The court system actually recommends this because they are just not set up to settle all of the issues that come up after divorce is final. Your mediator will serve as a neutral third party and allow you and your ex to talk through the changes you need to make and come up with a new agreement that continues to put your children first. It is impossible to think that a child custody agreement that was agreed upon when your kids were young would carry forward throughout their life without changes. Whether you are ready to change your agreement because of the holidays, a change in work schedule, a new school or job, or for any reason, our staff can help! Call us at 952-401-7599 to schedule a free consultation.