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Divorce MediatorThere are several advantages to hiring a Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE). We at Johnson Mediation provide Parenting Time Expeditor services to divorcing couples in Chanhassen, Shakopee, and many other communities in Minnesota. The courts generally do a great job of helping divorced couples settle their differences related to parenting time, but the courts simply cannot keep up with the demand. So, neutral third parties trained in mediation, can provide expert mediation to help you reach fair and equitable agreements with your divorcing spouse about important issues such as parenting time. Our team can be especially helpful if you are nervous about being denied time with your children in the future; if you believe that you should be able to make up time with your children that has been missed or denied previously; or if the other parent is somehow interfering with your scheduled parenting time.

What Does A Parenting Time Expeditor Do?

You can begin working with a Parenting Time Expeditor in a number of ways. In some cases, a PTE is appointed by a court. In other cases, a PTE is contacted by you or your children’s other parent. We are, as stated above, neutral third parties when we operate as Parenting Time Expeditors, and our goal is to help you reach resolution to the parenting time issues you and your spouse are dealing with. In order to be recognized as Parenting Time Expeditors, our staff must complete at least 40 hours of specific training in such topics as family mediation and domestic abuse issues.

The team at Johnson Mediation strives to understand all relevant dynamics between you and your divorced/divorcing spouse, and only then provide a binding decision about visitation. When you are unable to reach agreement with your spouse, we can help by providing guidelines, strategies, and binding decisions about time agreements between you and your spouse.

Solve Difficult Parenting Time Issues

The vast majority of parents are devoted to their children, and want to spend as much time with them as possible, especially after their divorce. So working out a schedule that is acceptable to both parents is extremely important, but can also be difficult, especially if you have concerns about your spouse making this difficult. We work on the assumption that you mean well when trying to resolve parenting time issues, but when you are not able to resolve the issues among yourselves, we can step and help.

It may feel risky to give control of parenting time decisions to a PTE. But our mission, and the training we receive in order to enact our mission, is to find the best possible solution for the schedule associated with your parenting time. Contact Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599 for a consultation is you have concerns about the amount of time you will be spending with your children following the settlement of your divorce.